Dedicated to saving our honeybees and providing healthy raw honey

We are a great source of local raw honey for a delicious addition to your menu, or a part of your healthy regimen.

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Stop by our booth on Thursday’s at the Tallmadge Farmer’s Market and on Saturdays at the Hartville Flea Market during the spring and summer months!

Why do honeybees swarm?

In the spring (April-June) is when honeybees swarm. They don’t swarm as often during the summer. The abundance of dandelions and other nectar and pollen sources are food for the bees, and allows the queen to lay approximately 1200 eggs per day. At this point the honeycomb is being filled with pollen, nectar and brood, and the hive runs out of room. The swarm of honeybees is a natural way for the bees to reproduce and spread their genetics.

When you see a swarm, don’t panic. They are just moving to a new location and the queen has to rest. So when they land, they could be there for a few minutes or 2-3 days.

The reason they don’t sting, is because they have nothing to defend. Also, their abdomens are packed full of honey. Most swarms are very docile.

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Places to buy Hatch’s Honey:

From our honesty cabinet at 2254 Mogadore Rd Akron

Artisan Coffee 662 Canton Rd Akron

Farmer Boy Restaurant 1324 Canton Rd Lakemore

Canton Road Garden Center 1881 Canton Rd Akron

Crimson Cup 116 Tallmadge Circle Tallmadge

Mr. Bulky’s Foods, 434 Howe Ave, Cuyahoga Falls

Apex Herbals, LLC in Hartville Marketplace & Flea Market

1289 Edison S. NW #186 Hartville

Sherman Provision Quality Meats and Groceries

3998 Johnson Rd, Norton

Leach’s Meats & Sweets LLC 256 31st St SW Barberton

Heritage Square Pharmacy, 977 Cherry St E, Canal Fulton

Lazy L Ranch Meats, 1990 Center Rd, Clinton

Duma Meats in Hartville Marketplace, Hartville

Maize Valley, 6193 Edison St NE, Hartville

Three Thymes Treehouse Teas and Gifts, 2637 Albrecht Ave, Akron

Graze Craze, 3732 Darrow Rd, Stow

Scott Farm Market & Greenhouse, 1977 Meloy Rd, Brimfield/Kent