Hatch’s Honey Bio

In 2015, I stopped at a beekeeper’s booth at a local fair because I was fascinated with the workings of the honeybee. That interest grew into a love and dedication to raising honeybees in my own hives, rescuing bees from trees, businesses and homes, and promoting the incredible benefits of raw, local honey.

I have learned to build much of my own equipment, including a bee vacuum system to safely rescue the honeybees without killing them. I then relocate them to a quarantine yard to nurture them into a healthy bee colony.

As the business grew over the past 8 years, I have worked very hard to save the bees.  We have become one of the largest honey bee removal companies in Stark and Summit Counties. We are a start to finish company, from locating and removing the bees, to closing the open area and re-homing the honey bees to a new location. 

Over the years I’ve worked with top-rated honey bee companies to learn the best care for the bees, from mite treatments, to over-wintering, splitting and re-queening.

To further educate myself, I’ve attended numerous conferences to advance my knowledge of making the best environment for the honeybee.  I belong to the Stark and Summit County Beekeepers Associations and the Ohio State Beekeepers Association. 

I manage approximately 70 double-deeps and double nucs which are mainly in Stark County.

You can find Hatch’s Honey on Facebook, Google, hatchshoney.com, email [email protected], or call or text me at 330-388-5878.

Fresh, raw honey is like liquid gold pouring through the filter!